PIA Businesses

PIA Businesses

‘Lifelines to Inspiration’ will change the future of entertainment

PIA is well known for providing various kinds of support to enrich people’s lives by offering ‘something fun for everyone’- supplying information and various services to help people everywhere more fully enjoy leisure and entertainment. Moving forward by creating an ‘Era of Heartfullness’ for the 21st Century through an infrastructure of ‘Lifelines to Inspiration’, we aim to build our brand through providing a three-way service with added value for consumers (customers), content providers (license holders), and entertainment promoters.



Various Projects PIA is Working On

PIA Group continues to develop a wide variety of businesses such as ticket sales for music, sports, theater, film, and various other events, while also publishing books, ‘mooks’ (magazine books) and running a website covering the entertainment and leisure fields. In addition, the company reinforces business solutions regarding ticketing for venues, promoters, and sports associations, etc., expands the industry network for concert and event organaizer(co-sponsors, investors), etc., develops new services by creating alliances within a diversified industry, and expands the business field by connecting the various divisions of the entertainment industry into a whole.
PIA also aims to discover and nurture new talent within the film industry through the PIA Film Festival (PFF), and to develop CSR activities through its ‘TEAM SMILE’ project, which provides earthquake revitalization through entertainment activities. PIA wants to bring together and inspire as many people as possible, while continuing to make social contributions as a company committed to civic progress.

「感動のライフライン」の実現 チケット販売, コンテンツビジネス, メディア展開, ソリューションビジネス

Ticket Distribution Business
Offering highly convenient service to over 17.5 million members

‘Ticket PIA’ which began in 1984 as Japan’s first online computer ticketing system, lists over 20,000 entries at any given time ranging from music, sports, theater, film, and leisure events, etc. Issuing more than 75 million tickets every year, Ticket PIA is the most extensive large-scale operation of its kind. With a variety of selling channels, a member organization in excess of 17.5 million, abundant achievements in international conventions and other events, and an expertise in cultivating ticket sales systems as our strengths, we take pride in being the top ticket sales marketplace.

Website‘Ticket PIA’

【Fundamental Platforms】
・Convenience Stores, Shops, Telephone
・Member Service

Business Solutions Business
Offering a total service solution for entertainment promoters and venues

While providing the system know-how ‘Ticket PIA’ has become known for, in addition to ticket sales, PIA continues to develop a variety of corporate business solutions, from providing promotion and sales services to planning customer management strategy. As a business partner with promoters (sports associations, theater troupes, and others), halls, and stadiums, we support a wide range of businesses to expand revenue and revitalize the market.

Theater support

【System provider, support for attracting customers】
  ・Entertainment Promoters/ Sports Associations/ Theater Troupes
  ・Venues, Theaters, Stadiums
  ・TV Stations/ Production

Contents Business
Actualizing 360°deployment through event organization, ticket sales, publishing, and product sales.

To meet the increasing advances in entertainment, PIA is actively involved in the organizing, planning, producing and management of various entertainment events. Starting with the independent organization of music festivals, stage, and original events, PIA is investing in films and topical events, and expanding its business regions by advancing into the Asian markets. In addition, we are increasing revenue through a multi-faceted evolution that includes product sales, a variety of new services, and product development.

Event Organization
‘PIA 45th Anniversary MUSIC COMPLEX 2017’

【Soft Content Creation】
  ・Event Organization/ Investment/ Planning
  ・Product Planning/ Rights Business

Media Business
Diverse development through publications and digital media

PIA continues to develop a variety of contents for the leisure and entertainment fields through various platforms, while incorporating our ticket business with the individual characteristics and customer convenience of various contents.


【Information Contents Distribution】
  ・Web Media / APP
  ・Portal Site/ SNS
  ・Magazine/ Mook/ Publications

Hall/ Theater Business
Aiming to solve the problems of the Entertainment Industry

Making good use of our acquired know-how in media publication, ticket distribution, event planning, and sponsorship, we have decided to establish a 10,000 people capacity music arena for 2020.
This plan also aims to help solve the problem of the lack of large-capacity venues in recent years.
In an effort to support revitalization after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we will begin the management of 4 ‘live-music’ venues known as ‘Pit’, which have been established in the Tokyo and Tohoku areas, working to contribute to society through our business.

New music arena to be constructed
in Minato Mirai,Yokohama (image)

【Venue Establishment, Management】
  ・Live Houses
  ・Halls, Theaters


Handling of ticket sales management for various international conventions, starting with the Olympics.

PIA collaborated with ticket sales for the 1998 Winter Olympics held in Nagano and was recognized as the ‘Official Ticket Supplier’ in the ‘Ticket Management’ category. Since then, we have been entrusted with executing the domestic sales duties of spectator tickets for the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC) and the ‘Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee’. From July 2005 until December 2014, we continued our cooperation under the title of ‘JOC Official Ticketing Management’ and since the London Olympics as the ‘Ticket Distributor’. In addition, PIA was entrusted with administering ticket sales for ‘2002 FIFA World Cup’, ‘China Shanghai International Expo 2010’, ‘2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games', and ‘Rugby World Cup 2019'.

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan
The 18th Olympic Winter Games
in Nagano